Weddings and Special Occasions

Hannah is available to play for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings and other celebrations.  Hannah has a broad repertoire, gathered over many years, and is comfortable playing in many different styles and genres. Please feel free to contact her if you have particular favourites you would like to see included.

If you are uncertain as to what style of music or particular pieces would work well for your occasion, Hannah would be happy to advise on what has worked well in similar settings in the past. 

Hannah plays on a Lyon and Healy pedal harp, which has a beautiful ringing tone. It is built from a light-coloured wood, with an embelishment of golden flowers decorating the soundboard.

Hannah also plays clarsach. The clarsach is a smaller, traditional Scottish instrument, with a resonant, evocative sound.  Hannah's clarsach is a Niebisch and Tree instrument. It is made from a light-coloured wood and is very attractive.  The clarsach is particularly suitable for smaller venues, venues with musicians' balconies (minstrel's galleries) or for weddings with fewer guests.  

 For weddings, possible times to include music through the day might include:

- As guests arrive for the ceremony

- As the bride walks down the aisle

- during the signing of the register

- Accompanying any hymns 

- As the bride and groom exit

- In the background as guests leave at the end of the ceremony

- During drinks reception

- Background music for the wedding breakfast