This is My Beloved

Chamber orchestra version completed April 2016

Symphony orchestra version completed September 2016

At the suggestion of Dr Brian Chatpo Koo, founding conductor and artistic director of the
Sydney Contemporary Orchestra,  I re-worked the original music (scored for Chamber Orchestra) into a symphonic version. The original structure remains largely unchanged apart from a small amount of new material in 'Transfiguration' around rehearsal mark AA.

In brief:
Music and words exploring Divine love and human journeying, through the lens of scenes from the life of Jesus.

drawn from: 4 poems by Helen Rongong; extracts from 'Revelations of Divine Love' by Julian of Norwich (c.1342- after 1416) in a translation by Sheila Upjohn; and a paraphrase of a short extract from Luke's Gospel

Composer's note:
The music is almost entirely pictorial or impressionistic - a musical re-imagining of events from Christian scripture. In places I have used very light scoring: I aimed to create a sense of spaciousness, and of being unhurried, allowing (I hope) each listener to drift within the music, sift the words, and unfold the scenes in their own minds.

Scoring (chamber orchestra version):
SSATB choir, with optional tenor solo part
3 flutes (fl. 3 also plays piccolo)
2 oboes
3 horns in F
trumpet in C
snare drum, triangle, cymbals, gong, sleigh bells, woodblock
1st & 2nd violins
double basses

For the symphony orchestra version, the above instruments are still required, plus additional instruments as detailed below:
2nd clarinet
2nd bassoon
4th horn in F
2nd trumpet in C
1st & 2nd tenor trombone
bass trombone

2nd harp