Harp Lessons

Hannah teaches harp in West Linton in the Scottish Borders. 

Any age welcome. Individual and / or group lessons available.

Although music-readers are most welcome, potential students don’t need to be able to read sheet music at all. Recordings are provided to enable students to learn by ear at first, with music-reading skills being introduced later, gradually.

Lessons will focus on:

  • Enjoyment!
  • Fostering a love of music
  • Developing general musicianship, listening & ensemble-work skills
  • Developing confidence in (and enjoyment of) performing in public

Do get in touch for further information. 

30 minute individual lesson    £17.50

30 minute double lesson (2 students at the same time)   £9.50 each

Don't be put off because you don't yet have an instrument. Check out the page on 'Harp hire.'