Harp hire

You will probably want to have a few lessons before you launch into investing in an instrument.

To make this easier, I have a few instruments that I am able to hire out to my students directly.

I currently charge £27 per month for a small clarsach (subject to change). I'm afraid I do not offer a hire-purchase scheme. I obviously have a limited number of instruments, and sometimes all my instruments will be out on loan, so it's good to know that harp hire is also available through (amongst others):

  • the Clarsach society
  • Clive Morley harps
  • Hands on Harps (Hands on Harps are well worth a look as they run a hire-purchase scheme, enabling you to purchase the instrument at a reduced rate at the end of the rental period.) 

Do speak to me first before 'diving' straight in and buying or hiring a harp, as I can suggest which model to go for and perhaps whether it's a good idea to pay that bit extra and get levers, and if so, which ones.